Industrial flooring

In the area of industrial flooring, ICM supplies products in the following categories:
 Photo Category Description
 Industrial flooring Product 1 Floor coatings, toppings and screeds Epoxy or polyurethane floor coatings (<0.5mm), self leveling toppings (0.5mm – 5mm) and floor screeds (5mm-10mm)
 Industrial Product 2 Car park decks Polyurethane waterproofing and crack bridging protection systems for exposed and non-exposed decks of car parks.
 Industrial Product3 Floor hardeners Different types of hardening and dust-proofing compound for concrete surfaces
 Industrial Product4 Underlay floors High strength self-leveling economic underlays prior to application of epoxy coatings and toppings
ICM is an authorized applicator and distributor for the following global brands:
slide0020_image054 Flowcrete

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