Other product categories that ICM supplies:
 Photo Product category Description
 Product Other 1 Adhesives Jointing materials used to act as a bonding agent to provide structural integrity
 Product Other 2 Admixtures Chemicals added to concrete to improve properties such as workability, strength, durability and curing time
Product Other 3 Cement additives Chemicals added to the cement production process
Product Other 4 Concrete repair Products applied on-site to restore poorly placed concrete or to repair damaged concrete
Product Other 5 Grouts & anchors Non-shrink engineering grouts which are applied on-site during the installation of big equipment (such as turbines), railway tracks or when anchoring bolts/cranes
Product Other 6 Joint sealants Flexible products applied on-site to seal joints and accommodate movement (structural expansion)
 Product Other 7 Protective coatings High performance protective, chemical resistant and decorative coatings for concrete, steel and other substrates
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