In the area of waterproofing, ICM supplies products in the following categories:
Photo Product Description
Picture1 Cementitious waterproofing Cost effective waterproofing with excellent adhesion, toughness and durability. Applied directly to the concrete and masonry.
product2 Liquid applied membranes Liquid polyurethane or bitumen membranes that cure into a rubbery coating
product3 Sheet membranes Self-adhesive or torch applied bitumen sheets, being made available with a fixed thickness.
product4 Drainboards PVC drainboards, used for basement waterproofing before pouring final concrete
Products waterproofing 5 Polyurea Spray applied polyurea, a very strong, flexible, heat-resistant and fast-curing type of waterproofing
product6 Waterstops PVC waterstops, swellable and non-swellable
ICM is an authorized applicator for the following global brands:
slide0020_image054 Flowcrete

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Water proofing